How to master react js as a beginner in just one month and get a job

Hey everyone I am a react.js web developer and I thought it would be really awesome if I just shared with you some important things you need to know to master react as a beginner in just one month and get a job of a react developer because react is not beginner-friendly. At first you will always think about to quit react as if you are not made for it or it is too hard. React is super-hard at first but if you keep learning it properly then you will find it the most easiest thing in the world. If no trust me then trust other more experienced react.js developers. They all have passed by this phase. In this tutorial I am gonna share to you a couple of things such as the roadmap to become a react developer, some cheap courses to master react, how to stay motivated and keep learning it, how to land a react developer job and much more. So now let’s get started:

Things you need to know before learning react

There are some technologies and harsh truths that you need to know before getting started. First of all you need to know at least the basics of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. I recommend that you go through this one video to learn HTML,CSS and then this crash course of JAVASCRIPT Now one thing I want to tell you is to learn React properly and professionally in one month you need to put 6–8 hour work per day. Then only you could achieve something. One thing I also want to discuss that the first 10–15 days will be the most difficult days as I told you earlier react is not beginner-friendly and there would be always time that you wouldn’t understand a single-bit of the code and you will want to quit but remember that every react developer has faced this hard part of your journey to become a react developer. So never quit. But still if there are times when you are very much demotivated and this much motivation isn’t enough for you then checkout some of the motivational videos in order to learn coding from Youtube and when there is a concept which you didn’t understand even a single bit then re watch that video 3 times more and when you think that you have at least understand 60% or 55% of that video then move on. And one last thing that code along the tutorials. This is the no.1 rule if you want to learn not just react but anything.


Now we are going to discuss the roadmap to become a reactjs developer. I am gonna tell you exactly what to learn first and how to learn it. So let’s get started.

This is the roadmap for learning react.js{note this is just reference I am not gonna exactly follow these steps}. Now you can skip some of things in it. There are some extra things in here which I am gonna tell you to skip. The first thing you want to learn html,css and javascript in which I am not gonna go brief as I have already discussed this thing with you. The next thing is general development skills but there are many things in it which are not important to become a react.js developer. I just only knew command line when I started learning react. I also recommend you that you just learn command line and if you want more then git and github no other thing is necessary. In fact these things will confuse you. Now it is time to learn react. The course I recommend which I think is the best resource on the planet to learn react.js is a udemy course right here. It covers all the basics and advance concepts of react which you will ever gonna need in your whole react.js developer carrier. There is also a plus point which is that this is a proper modular structure based course as it is from udemy. I think that if you take this course then the rest of the content of this section will be useless to you so I strongly recommend you to take that course(I have also learned react with that course only). But if you want to learn react.js without spending any penny then the rest of the section is for you. One more thing that I have created a playlist in which all the videos will be there so don’t worry if I didn’t tell you which concept you have to learn from where, if it does happen then think about is as I have put those concepts and projects already in my playlist. The playlist is at the last section of this blog. Now let’s dive into the first day of your journey. First you are gonna learn some non-coding things about react and installing the essentials tools to start. To learn this stuff check out this section of react documentation about all these basic things . Once you have gone through this stuff then you are gonna need to learn JSX.. Now you are gonna learn how to communicate with props. Now you have learn functional programming it is time to learn class-based components. . And now it is time to learn state in react components. These concepts you have learned so far are gonna be difficult for you. But you have to make it up till here. Moving on here is the last topic of our day 1. The last thing you are gonna learn is gonna be the most difficult thing. Now you are gonna learn lifecycle methods but one thing you should keep in your mind is that this lifecycle method will be confusing on day one and you are gonna understand only 25% — 55% of it. You have to do a lot of practice in order to master it. And now your day one is over.

In day two you are gonna first learn Handling User Input with Forms
and Events. This will let you make login forms you see in applications. Next is a very important thing you are gonna learn which is to use api to fetch data. Now you are gonna learn two more things on this day which is building lists of records and using ref’s for dom access. Now you have learnt all the basics. Now it is time to make a project which would be a recipe-app which would refresh all your projects. You will have to follow this tutorial in-order to make this application. And this day is over

In day three you are gonna learn a very important core concept of react and one of the most important concepts of react. you are gonna learn hooks. This day will mainly consist of hooks only. A bonus concept you are gonna learn is how to deploy apps with heroku and netlify.

In day 4 you are gonna be building a project which is a covid-19 tracker which uses react hooks and material-ui.

In day 5 you are gonna be learning a fully new technology called redux. The full day will be taken by redux.

In day 6 you are gonna be learning react-router which is used in almost every strong react web application. And then you are gonna be using how to handle authentication with react. This day would be a quite short.

In day 7 you are gonna be building a real-world application which is a movie-search application like imdb using react and redux. You can check out the library named building a movie-tv-info app playlist saved on my channel in order to follow along. The whole day will be spend on creating that application

Before I move on to day 8 I want to congratulate you that now you can apply for small internships for say 300–500 dollars per month. Now let’s move to day 8. On day 8 you are gonna learn react context api and how to replace it with redux. One bonus thing you are also gonna learn is react dev-tools.

On day 9 we are gonna make some cool project which is a spotify-clone which would be a amazing application with login authentication and uses api to fetch data and show playlist

from day 10–11 we are gonna be building amazon clone which would be fully e-commerce and something very cool

On day 12 you are going to be making an airbnb clone which is another cool application

On day 13–14–15 — you are going to build an awesome application called netflix clone.

On day 16 you are going to be building a messenger clone app

So guys I think that this post is stretched too long so I will see you in it’s part two. In part two I will cover the roadmap and tell you briefly how to land a job and make a income with your skills. So now thankyou for seeing this post and I am gonna see you in next post. link to the playlist: