How to master react js as a beginner in just one month and get a job part-2

Welcome to the ultimate guide for how to master react.js and get a job. Quick note, this is the part 2 if you want to read this guide step by step then surely checkout part-1 and then this one. So in the last part I discussed how to motivate yourself when learning react, some challenges you will face and also the roadmap to becoming a react.js developer. In this article I will continue the roadmap to become a react.js developer and how to get a job without experience. So let’s dive in.


In the last section I discussed the roadmap for becoming a react.js developer till the 16th day. In this section I will discuss the roadmap from day 17th. So now you have created projects that are sufficient to get you a job. On day 17 you are gonna finish up your learning process of react by learning the last two concepts of react.js which is react portals and how to create a twitch like application. Let me quickly tell you that in order to learn these concepts you can check out the playlist which I have created on my channel. The link for the playlist is at the end of this article. Now you have learned react It is time to learn some backend. A quick note I want to tell you that you are not gonna learn full backend but the basics of it in order to work with react. The first core concept you are gonna learn is node.js. This would very challenging for you. you will learn node.js in two days from 17th-18th. Next day you are gonna learn mongoDB which is another essential tool. Now you have reached day 20th. On this day you are gonna be creating a full-stack application which is a e-commerce-website. This would take you approximately 4–5 days or you can make it more earlier. I am assuming it that you have created this project in 5 days. Now on day 26 you are gonna create your first very own project which is your own portfolio site using react and deploy it. Now this project will be created fully by yourself so it would be challenging. You can take help of google if you forgot something or you cannot figure out a problem. If you want some inspirations you can go to and find some cool projects. Or if you are facing a lot of struggle and you cannot make it on your own then no worries. You can check out some tutorials from youtube on how to make a portfolio site using react.js.

How to land your job

After you have created a portfolio site, Now it is actually time to make your income. Now I am not gonna lie but these projects that we have created are extremely powerful but in a job there are three important aspects in order to land you a job. The first one is your work which we have covered and is also quite amazing, second one is experience and third one is your resume. Now We are gonna be looking how to get experience for your dream job and how to build your resume. A quick thing I want to tell you is that all the work you have created so far put it into Github which is extremely important. Now let me tell you first that you cannot just suddenly apply for a job. You first have to take some small internships or start freelancing. Now freelancing is tough in beginning so I recommend searching for internships. In this guide I am not gonna tell you how to start with freelancing because It needs another ultimate guide but I am gonna tell you how to get internships. You can start internships which are for 2–4 months long and has a salary between 150–400 dollars or from 10,000 to 35,000 rupees. Here’s the truth, In countries like usa you can easily find internships like that but in countries like India, It is quite hard. Even if you didn’t find these internships too that is totally fine. You can look up for internships which pays you salary between 55 to 150 dollars or from 4,000 to 10,000 rupees. Note that in first our primary motive is to get experience not money. You can search react.js internships on google. There are tons of them. I am pretty sure that if you did followed my roadmap then you have atleast have got a internship with a minimum salary of 150 dollars or 10,000 rupees(the duration for the internship should not be more than 4 months). After you have done the internship then It is time to look for internships which pay’s YOU BETWEEN 500–900 DOLLARS. But before doing that you have to make your resume now. Now if you want to know that how you can build up your resume then checkout this full detailed 2 hour long video . After you have created your resume then start applying for the bigger internships. Now if you have followed my instructions exactly the same way then now you have already got the bigger internship(try that the internship you are applying for is not more than 5 months). Now you have all the experience you need. Before moving on to actually applying for jobs you need to do one more thing which is write articles and show them as your work samples. Remember that the articles should be long, have minimum grammatical errors and have a eye-catching title. You can write 5–6 articles and then show them as your work sample. Guys now you have all the three aspects. But still there is one thing remaining which is preparing the appointments and coding-interviews. Now this concept is another fully one so I am not gonna discuss the coding-interviews but yeah you can always check out awesome videos on how to prepare for coding-interviews in react.js. I just want to tell you about this question which you will face in every interview which is “Tell about yourself and your work”. Now in this question you have to simply answer that you are a full stack-react.js developer currently in whatever location you are, your name, your work experience and how was it, name of your best projects and their brief description, your articles you have written and your self-interest in react.js . These things would be sufficient. Make sure that you sound like a professional and try not to hesitate and be confident while answering and also your english should be good. And I think that’s it for getting your first job. Make sure that you continue writing articles. And also work on your personal projects and side projects.


If you are free and want to make even more money then you can start with freelancing which is a great way to make money. Many people make 4000–8000 dollars per month with freelancing. You can first start freelancing with very small projects for 3 months and then you can start with big projects. Or you can teach people web development online. Teaching people is also a very good source for making income. These two things are very important. There is also another thing for making money but it can be difficult which is that you can create programming content on youtube but youtube is also quite tough. So that’s it for this blog. Also guys there are some project playlist which you are not gonna find in this playlist but some another created playlist so keep that in mind. Here is the full playlist: Thankyou for reading this story and make sure to follow me for more of these awesome blogs